Friday, June 14th 2013

Push The Feeling: Edit Murphy (DJ Set • Smoke N’ Mirrors) + Glenn Jackson (Live • Ceremony Recordings) + YR SKULL + epicsauce DJs

Edit Murphy (DJ Set • Smoke N’ Mirrors)

Glenn Jackson (Live • Ceremony Recordings)

+Push The Feeling Residents:

epicsauce DJs

Friday, June 14th
Underground SF
9 p.m. – 2 a.m. • 21+

Edit Murphy (DJ Set • Smoke N’ Mirrors)

Edit Murphy emerged in October 2011 with his Motown Edits EP, reworked tracks from a handful of originators of Motor City soul, including Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers. The release quickly gained attention all over the Internet, with support from WOLF Music, Space Ranger, Soul Clap and equally mysterious edit-maestros, Tiger & Woods. His track “Need You” first appeared on OM Lounge Vol. 12 and was released as a single on Smoke N Mirrors as well as his first official EP featuring “Brooklyn Nights” and “Beverly Thrills”

Glenn Jackson

“Straight outta Oakland, a new figure in the handmade-house resurgence … The three tracks on Jackson’s Morning Swim EP are awash in lush textures and limpid color: The record runs the gamut from heavy-lidded piano jams to sprightly, R&B-inspired cuts fleshed out with congas and spine-tingling digital synths. ” -Spin

“buoyant instrumental disco that feels like a five-minute tropical vacation.” -SF Weekly

“Morning Swim moves from disco drums to metallic synths to bright chords to rough basslines to R&B twinkles to house hi-hats. Understandably, it’s a little bit jarring at first, but by the end these contradictory elements have come together
in a way that seems to make perfect sense.” -Dummymag

“Carefree disco daydreams flecked with jazz-laden overtones in the form of polished piano samples and deep grooved drum beats gracefully make their way to the dancefloor that is 2013.” -The Line Best Fit

“throws you into the deep end of house grooves ” -Impose