Saturday, May 20th

Push The Feeling: Aria Rostami (Live)

Push The Feeling

Aria Rostami (Live!)

+Push The Feeling Residents:
Kevin Meenan & Marcogliese

Saturday, May 20th
Underground SF
10 p.m. – 2 a.m. • 21+

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Aria Rostami debuted in 2011 with two releases on Audiobulb records. Rostami’s first record, “Form” was about the illusion of control. The album starts off kicking and screaming and slowly unwinds into the last song which is infinitely loop-able; an old memory as it plays forever. The soundscape of “Form” was unstable and fragile. The low ends held power over everything. It was a battle between what an individual pursues and the overwhelming power of nature. It eventually was included on Headphone Commute’s End of Year list alongside artists such as Alva Noto (The Revenant OST), Autechre & Halfer Trio, Fennesz + Sakamoto. Conceptually, this was a good seed for Rostami’s later work. “Uniform” came out later that year with remixes of songs form “Form” by Ollie Bown (1/2 of Icarus), Saine, and Shawn Dickerson as well as originals created by randomly recording material and then configuring the recordings together. “Uniform” was a counterpart of “Form” by approaching control as something you do in response to given occurrences rather than something you do to manipulate future results. In 2013, Rostami released two EPs “Decades” and “Peter” on tape label, Crash Symbols. (read more)